Commercial Power Rinser



Stainless Steel

Maximum Flow Rate: 6.1 lpm

Up to 80% water use reduction


Endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association! (

Features and Benefits:

  • Commercial & Power Spray washer in stainless steel.
  • Vigorous spray pattern increases performance and water-saving efficiency over older models.
  • Niagara Power Rinser uses only 1.6 gpm / 6 lpm compared to standard 2 gpm / 7.5 lpm to 6 gpm / 23 lpm devices.
  • Provides high performance and incredible hot water savings using 1.6 gpm / 6 lpm
  • Certified by Food Services Technology Center (FSTC)
  • Endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association
  • Up to 80% water use reduction
  • Passed FSTC Cleanability Test using 16% less water than other low-flow valves tested*
  • Solid brass fitting means NO LEAKS
  • Stainless steel, insulated handle ensures powerful spray, comfortable grip and lifetime endurance
  • Anti-corrosive, stainless steel nozzle
  • Solid brass, triple-chrome plated sprayer body
  • 5-year warranty