Water Saving Tap Water Aerator – N3104-15



With Swivel

Saves 32% water and energy

Maximum Flow Rate: 5.7 lpm

Highly efficient chrome-plated brass faucet aerators

As it is used mainly with cold water heat and energy loss through aeration is therefore insignificant

Features and Benefits:

  • Saves 32% more water and energy then a standard 8.5 lpm aerator – that’s 30 000 litres of water annually!
  • Innovative dual-thread system to accommodate both male and female applications
  • Housing constructed of solid brass with highly polished chrome finish
  • Includes housing, flow control, stainless steel screen, and washers for proper installation and operation
  • Internally and externally threaded with 15/16 x 27 threads outside and 55/64 x 27 threads inside
  • Does not contain any unplated brass components
  • Provides an even bubble spray pattern
  • Flow control constructed of long-lasting Celcon plastic
  • Meets or exceeds American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and California Energy Commission certified