High power package for decentralized PV systems

ABB’s three-phase PRO-33 string inverter is designed for medium and large de-centralized PV systems either on large-scale commercial and industrial rooftops or ground-mounted PV plants. The inverter offers cost-efficiency in a high power, wall-mountable package with very high conversion efficiency. The all-in-one design with built-in and monitored PV plant protection devices reduces the need of costly external devices. The single maximum power point tracker (MPPT) and optimized MPPT window are suitable for uniform-shaped PV plants with long strings connected to the inverter. The high maximum DC input voltage of up to 1100 V gives PV plant designers extra flexibility and allows more PV modules to be connected in series to reduce cabling costs.


− Compact, high power wall-mountable package

− High maximum DC input voltage of up to 1100 V

− Configurable all-in-one design

− Advanced grid support functions

− Safe and intuitive user interface

− Robust enclosure, with IP65 rating suitable for outdoor installation


Supplier Part No:PRO33-TL-OUTD-SX-400
Weight:85 kg
Length:0 m
Rated Power:33,000 W
Min PPT Voltage:580 V
Max PPT Voltage:950 V
DC Startup Voltage:610 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:580 V
Max Input Voltage:1,000 V
Max DC Power:33,640 W
Max AC Power:33,000 W
Max DC Current:58 A
Max DC Inputs:8
Has DC Fuses:8
Included Connectors:8
Euro Efficiency:98 %
IP Rating:IP54
MPPT Trackers:1
Has Integrated DC Switch:Yes
Warranty:5 years