• Available in three power ratings: 5.8, 7.5 and 8.5 kW. The compact, transformerless TRIOs are the latest products in the family for their performance, ease of use and installation, monitoring and control.The topology of the TRIO 20.0/27.6 inverters has been redesigned to ensure that the TRIO 5.8 model also enjoys high conversion efficiency across a wide range of input voltages.The new generation inverters can integrate power control, monitoring functionalities, and environmental sensor inputs, all without requiring external components. A compact expansion card gives access to the Ethernet datalogger, which allows parameters to be monitored both locally (with the integrated webserver) or remotely (via the Vision portal), via with a LAN connection.


Supplier Part No:TRIO-5.8-TL-OUTD-S
Weight:30 kg
Rated Power:5,800 W
Min PPT Voltage:320 V
Max PPT Voltage:800 V
DC Startup Voltage:350 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:320 V
Max Input Voltage:1,000 V
Max DC Power:6,050 W
Max AC Power:5,800 W
Max DC Current:18.9 A
Max DC Inputs:2
Has DC Fuses:0
Connector:MC4 Compatible
Included Connectors:2
Euro Efficiency:97.4 %
IP Rating:IP65
MPPT Trackers:1
Has Integrated DC Switch:Yes
Warranty:5 years

Download Data Sheet TRIO-5.8_7.5_8.5_BCD.00376_EN_RevF