Alpha ESS -Smile 5 – 5kW Hybrid – 11.4kWh Lithium Storage


The Alpha ESS is a residential energy storage solution that covers single phase 3 kW, 5 kW and three phase 10 kW. This range is predominantly designed for PV self-consumption, back-up power, load shifting and off-grid solutions for household applications. It is an award winning compact, neat stacked design that requires less installation work and more ease of use. The entire system is monitored on the Microsoft Azure cloud server and technical support is done through the same portal.

  • 5 Year product warranty.
  • 10 Year battery performance warranty, without cycle life limitation.
  • 20 Year design life.
  • Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud server.
  • Real-time monitoring anywhere with web and mobile apps.
  • Remote control of system for maximum savings



Model:  Alpha ESS Smile 5

Rated Power: 5kW

Type: Hybrid

Input Voltage: 230 VAC

Voltage Range: 180 – 270 V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Battery Storage

Total Storage: 10.1kWh

Module Nominal Voltage: 48V

Operating Temperature Range: -10 °C ~ 50 °C*

Cycle Life: 8000 – 22 years

Solar Input

Max. PV Input Current: 2 x 12Amp

Max. PV Input Voltage: 580V

MPPT Voltage Range: 125 – 550V

Max.Charging/Discharging Current: 100Amp

Start Up DC Voltage: 125V

Dimensions (W x D x H): 610 x 236 x 615 mm

Weight: 60 kg

Certifications: CE, IEC, Compliant with NRS 097-2-1

Specification Sheet: Alpha ESS Smile 5 Specification Sheet