Earth Massage (White) – N2920



Flow Control Technology: Greater force at low pressure

Maximum Flow rate: 7.6 lpm

Saves 20% of water and electricity

Tested and confirmed by SABS and Eskom


Conserves water and energy and saves money while enhancing pressure, performance and appearance. The Earth Massage (7.6 lpm) saves 20% more water and energy then astandard 9.5 lpm showerhead – that’s 14 000 litres of water annually!

Features and Benefits:

  • Tested and confirmed by SABS and Eskom
  • Non-removable flow compensator
  • Recognizedas ‘adding value to your household’ in ‘Good Housekeeping’, ‘Family Circle’ and ‘Newsweek’magazines, the Earth Massage high efficiency showerhead line offers superiorperformance with greater flow control
  • Rated ‘Number One’ showerhead by leading USA industry organizations
  • Estimatedto save a family of four showering for a total of 20 minutes per day more thanR100 in electricity and water costs
  • Itpays for itself within about three months
  • The Earth Massage N2920 (7.6 lpm) saves another 20% more water, energy and money than a 9.5 lpmshowerhead – that is about another 30 000 litres more heatedshower water saved per year
  • The laminar flow technology(without forcing air into the spray stream like older low-flow showerheadmodels) means less temperatureloss with maximum energy savings
  • Saves energy, water and moneywhile enhancing pressure, performance and appearance!
  • Adjustablespray settings: gentle spray to forceful 9-jet turbo massage
  • Self-cleaningand maintenance-free
  • Installseasily
  • Corrosion-resistant,high-impact ABS thermoplastic body
  • Meets orexceeds American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications.
  • Tested andcertified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Member of the watersmart family of products