EKS510 – Solar Light


Massively bright light
Sufficient for:
Camping light
4×4 Light
Rural community housing
Emergency lighting
Braai light and mobile light
Fixed gate light
Fixed courtyard light



First of the series EKS. Produced for rural communities but adapted for general use. The system is rugged can withstand shock and extremely durable. Standard adaptations on the system are:

  • Day night sensor instead of hard switch
  • Timer switch instead of hard switch
  • 10A/Hour battery increase for permanent night lighting
  • A/C plugin for emergency lighting.

!NOTE – The above adaptations need to be requested at the time of placing the order.

The system is superior to imported chinese lighting products as each component is adaptable, interchangeable which allows for easy repair if required and extends the life span of the product.

  • Warranted for 3years under normal conditions
  • With battery replacement you can expect up to 11 years on the LEDs
  • Standard 20year solar warranty

Everything included with the kit