Frosty Geyser Blanket


47% saving on your geyser costs.

For inside and outside usage.


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A Geyser blanket consists of an insulating material, assisted by an air gap and an outer reflective coating. The whole essence of fitting a geyser with a geyser blanket is to minimize thermal energy (heat) lost and thereby same energy. Eskom DSM has supported the installation of Geyser blankets for the past few years. Theoretical calculations show that a substantial saving can be achieved with the installation of geyser blankets.


  • A universal size geyser blanket (fits 100L- 250 L geysers).
  • The saving with this Geyser Blanket is 47% on the geyser electricity usage.
  • The “Cosy” is a blanket suitable for inside and outside usage.
  • It consists of cover ends, pipe insulation foil tape, clear tape and cable ties.