Lorentz PS200 HR Series


Lorentz Solar Pump

50m Lift

Rated Power: 200Watts

Rated Voltage: 24/48Volts

Including Controller



Lorentz Solar Water Pumping Systems are some of the most efficient pumping systems in the world. The unique 3-Phase motor design allows you to harness the sun for all your pumping needs. All Lorentz Pumps can be utilized with Solar direct or battery powered system operation.

Positive displacement action

The helical rotor pump differs from centrifugal pumps in that it maintains high efficiency and lift capacity even at low rotational speeds and low flow rates. This allows the pump to work with a small, inexpensive solar array, and to function in low sunlight conditions.

The helical rotor pump has only one moving part. It produces a smooth flow and requires no valves to function. It is far more reliable than diaphragm and piston-type solar pumps.

Self-cleaning action

The rotor sweeps the full surface of the rubber stator with every turn. It is impossible for deposits to accumulate. Solid particles tend to roll away from the contact area, making the pump extremely resistant to abrasion. Particles that are trapped against the rubber are tolerated by the flexibility of rubber.


  • Controlling of the pump system and monitoring of the operating states
  • Mounted at surface (no submerged electronic parts)
  • Two control inputs for well probe (dry running protection), float or pressure switches, remote control etc.
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload
  • and high temperature
  • Flow rate up to 2.7 m3/h
  • Simple installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • High reliability and life expectancy
  • Cost-effective pumping solution


  • Drinking water supply
  • Livestock watering
  • Remote Pond management
  • Pipeline and Irrigation
  • HR Pumps
  • Helical rotor pump (positive displacement pump)
  • Two main parts only: stator and rotor, field servicable
  • Stator: geometry made of abrasion resistant rubber
  • Rotor: stainless steel, hardchrome plated, abrasion resistant
  • More resistant to damage by sand than other pump types
  • Self-cleaning

Sand and Silt Tolerance:

The pump helical rotor has a higher resistance to wear from sand and clay than any other pump type. In properly constructed wells the amount of sand and clay is within the tolerance of the pump.
A concentration of solids greater than 2 % (by volume) may cause blockage in the pump or the drop pipe, especially at low flow rates.
Do not use the pump to clean out a dirty well.

Pump Cable and Splice:

Standard submersible cable, 3-wire + ground (total four wires). Connection to the pump is made using industry standard splicing methods.

Drop Pipe:

1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ or 2″ NPT pump outlet. If water is dirty, consider a smaller size drop pipe to increase the flow velocity. This helps exhaust solid particles and prevent accumulation in the pipe. When considering reduced pipe size, consult a pipe sizing (friction loss) chart. Pipe can be of any standard material, rigid or flexible. A torque arrestor is not required.