SHURFLO 9325 Series Submersible DC Pump


For 4″ wells or largerQuick disconnect with “Watertite-Gland” Design Pat Pend

Corrosion-proof housing with stainless-steel fasteners

Runs dry without damage

50 mesh stainless steel inlet screen

State of the art solid diaphragm



The solution to your remote water pumping needs. This pump is rugged, durable and built to last. The 9300 delivers a steady 112 GPH (422 LPH) at its maximum depth of 230 feet (70M) when supplied with 24 VDC. Its unique water-tight power connector stops water wicking and prevents potential condensation problems. Great for livestock watering, irrigation, pond areation, remote homes and cabins.

Note: Do not use any SHURflo pump for petrol gasoline, petroleum products, solvents, thinners or any other flammable liquid with a flash point below 82 C (180 F). Not for use where flammable vapors are present.