SL144 Floodlight – 144 LED



Heavy duty, weatherproof solar floodlight system. Suitable as a high powered floodlight or as an Advertising Board Light.
144 hyper- bright LED’s providing approx. 200 watts of light. 24 volt dc system.
A remote battery box is supplied to accommodate the batteries.
Two, high capacity 12 volt 65 Amp/Hr sealed lead acid batteries are supplied.
Batteries must be connected together in series.
The battery box has a built-in photocell (light sensor) for automatic night time operation.
The battery box has a hinged lid which is lockable (padlock not included).
The battery box has an integral battery shelf and also houses the PCB controller.
Approx. 4m of pre-wired connection cable is supplied and attached to the battery box for connection to the solar panel.
The battery box also has a receptacle (socket) for the floodlight fixture to be connected.
High quality, aluminium framed, powerful 30 watt solar panel fitted withapproximately 5m of cable/cord with weatherproof connecter which
connects directly to the battery box with approx. 4m of cable.
The weather resistant floodlight has approx. 48′ of pre-wired cable;which is pre-plugged ready for easy connection to the battery box.
All connections are simple plug&play colour coded.
The floodlight fixture is weather rated to I.P 65.
A flexible high powered super bright solar powered light which has been designed for use as both a billboard light or to illuminate large area’s such as security or game fences where mains power is not available.
Supplied as single or multi unit systems.