The Sunfire 14 Solar Cooker


The Sunfire 14 Solar Cooker can cook for 10-15 people and boil a litre of water in 8 minutes



SunFire series Parabolic Cookers perform best in direct sunlight. For maximum power SunFire series Parabolic Cookers require tracking every 20-40 min.

Black pots of any material can be used to absorb light. Dishes swivel 360 Degrees with a locking mechanism for maintaining the angle of the dish in strong winds, it is advisable to weigh the dish down to avoid any wind damage. SunFire series Parabolic Cookers should face the ground when not in use. Solar Chefs should turn the “Dish” away from the sun when stirring food to avoid casting any shadows over the reflective area or harming the eyes.


  • 1L of water boils in 8min
  • Cooks for 10 &ndash15 People
  • Max 10 litre or 2x 5 litre pots


  • Power output: 600W


  • 1260 x 170 x 30 mm
  • 19 kg

Extra Information:

  • Average time for assembly: 3 -5 hours.